Crime STATS / Crime Mapping

The Police Department’s crime analyst is tasked with reviewing reports, field interviews, and investigative supplements to determine the presence of any criminal patterns or trends. Findings are then communicated to the patrol and/or detective divisions. The crime analyst also provides and analyzes data to further the mission of Communities that Care program. 

Effective policing necessitates data-driven crime analysis. Serving a population of over 50,000 residents and covering 30 square miles, Draper Police must utilize all resources within the department, including the crime analyst in order to proactively serve the Draper community.  Even though violent crimes in Draper have historically ranked and remain well below the national average; crimes of opportunity can thrive in complacency. In the last year, approximately 75% of Draper home burglaries were non-forced entries. In the same time span, 60% of vehicle burglaries were non-forced. Creating and reinforcing small habits, such as double checking locked doors, greatly reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary.

Below are the yearly crime summary reports. 

Crime Map

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