Public Works

The Public Works Department


The Public Works Department maintains Draper City's physical and environmental infrastructure for the residents, business owners, and visitors of the city, making it a sustainable and desirable place to live, work, and visit. Our services include:
  • Residential garbage and recycling collection.
  • Construction management and preservation of asphalt pavements, sidewalks, street lights, parks and trails, culinary water, storm drains, and vehicles and equipment.
  • For information on construction of new parks / trails, major street re-construction projects, and additions to the water and storm drain systems, see Engineering.

Traffic Committee

The Draper City Traffic Committee is comprised of subject-matter experts from Engineering, Public Works, Operations, Police, Fire, and Legal departments. The committee meets once per month to review comments from residents regarding traffic. 

When the City receives a comment, it gets logged and added to the next traffic committee agenda. Before the meeting, the City’s Engineering Department will typically conduct a preliminary analysis that may include review of applicable codes and standards, an inspection of site conditions, and the formulation of a recommendation.  

The item is then discussed at the traffic committee meeting where members either make a final decision, determine additional action is needed such as police enforcement, and/or decide to conduct an in-depth traffic study.

To submit a traffic-related question or concern to the committee, please email

Scott Cooley, Public Works Director