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A general plan is an expression of long-term community intentions regarding the future development and physical form of the community. It is a living, fluid document that is not static but is reviewed and updated periodically by the city. It is used to coordinate and implement land use decisions with other decisions about infrastructure, parks, recreation and open space, city services, housing supply and affordability, and public resources such as air and water. It is a composite of many coordinated elements including transportation, land use, community facilities, environmental protection, character and design, open spaces and the natural environment, business and economics, community services, and neighborhood vitality. 

The Draper General Plan provides a clear future vision for Draper City decision-makers, residents and others working with the City to evaluate policy changes and to make funding and budget decisions. City staff uses it to evaluate and make recommendations on building and development projects. It is used by citizens and neighborhood groups to understand the City’s long-range plans and proposals for different geographic areas. This Plan can provide the basis for the City’s development regulations and the foundation for its capital improvements program. And unless otherwise specified by Draper City, the General Plan is an advisory document to be consulted by the planning staff, Planning Commission, Boards of Adjustment, the Legislative Body and other interested parties or property owners. 

General Plan Documents

If you would like to view the Draft General Plan, you can click on the link above, or  you can view it in the Community Development Department from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, second floor, Draper City Hall, 1020 E. Pioneer Road, Draper.

Public Comments

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