Major Road Construction Projects 2019

If you have questions on these projects, please contact Draper City's Engineering office at (801) 576-6369.

Reconstruction of 13800 South from 300 to 980 East Draper City is reconstructing 13800 South in order to facilitate safe property access and smoother traffic flows. They will be adding shoulder designated bike lanes and continuous sidewalks along this increasingly busy street. ** Road Construction Project Updates ** October 3, 2019
We have been working hard to complete the 13800 South construction project and wanted to update residents.
Anticipated Paving Schedule
• We will be paving on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday (October 4-8).
• The road will be closed to through traffic and open to local traffic only.
• On Monday or Tuesday, October 7th or 8th, the intersection at Fort Street and 13800 South will be closed for 2-3 hours. Detour information will be posted.
• Please avoid this intersection and find alternate routes.
• 13800 S. is scheduled to be open to all traffic on Wednesday, October 9.
• Work will continue on sidewalks, park strips, and driveway connections through November.

Questions? Please visit, email, or call the project hotline at (801) 580-2626.

13800 South road widening

We encourage you to contact our community ombudsman, Bill Knowles, to get on the email list for project updates. He will be available for the duration of the project to answer questions and address concerns from the public.

Email: Project Hotline: 801-580-2626.

New Access Road Into Draper Elementary

Draper City and the Canyons School District are planning to construct a second access road to the Draper Elementary School, 1080 E. 12660 So., so that there will be two exit/entry points.  Currently, the only access to the school is from the west, off Fort Street. This single access point limits traffic circulation and flow at the school, and the backup of traffic extends out to and along Fort Street.  Having one way in and one way out can make it very difficult for emergency vehicles to respond to an emergency at the school.

The new access road will connect the existing 12650 South roadway to Manfield Way (east of the school).  This will provide a secondary access point to significantly improve traffic flow during the school’s drop-off and pick-up times as well as during an emergency. Overall, it will provide a safer place for the children to attend and the teachers to work. 

The majority of the new roadway will be constructed along the entire north end of the school on property owned by Canyons School District. This will necessitate the construction of an additional parking lot on the school property to replace the existing parking area that will become part of the new roadway. Canyons School District and Draper City will jointly develop an inter-local agreement detailing the responsible costs for each entity.  
The Canyons School District has hired an engineering company to analyze the potential traffic impacts this project may have on the surrounding areas. The Draper City Engineering Department will review the traffic report and the corresponding design of the roadway prior to construction to ensure that the traffic impacts are properly considered. 

Construction of this new roadway is expected to started this past summer. Due to the scope of this project, it may take two summers to complete. The city will keep an update on this project on the city’s website.    

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Eric Lundell, Draper City, at (801) 576-6365. Questions for the school district can be sent to communications@canyonsdistrict.  Patrons also can call the district at (801) 826-5084.

11950 South Roadway Extension, 150 East State Street

Draper City, in accordance with the Master Transportation Plan, is extending 11950 South to connect to State Street. This project is being constructed to reduce congestion on 11800 South, at State Street and also at 150 East. The project is being constructed to reduce congestion on 11800 South, at State Street and also at 150 East. The project is a new build and will require the relocation of a water line, extension of Storm Drain Facilities and construction of sidewalk, curb, gutter and roadway.

** Construction Update **  October 3, 2019
Draper City will be paving the new road located at 11950 South (from State Street to 150 East) this weekend (October 4-6). 

 If you have any questions about this project, please contact the project engineer, Eric Lundell by email or by phone (801) 576-6365.

11950 South