Who can get an adult court record expunged?
You are eligible for an expungement of arrest, investigation, or detention record if the following conditions are met:
• At least 30 days have passed since arrest.
• There have been no intervening arrests.
• The proceedings were dismissed.
• You were acquitted.
• You were discharged without conviction and no charges were re-filed within 30 days.
• You were released without formal charges being filed.

You can apply for an expungement of the record of arrest, investigation, and detention by filing a petition. You are eligible for expungement of conviction if the following conditions are met:
• You have no more than one felony or two class A or B misdemeanor convictions
• You have been released from incarceration, parole, or probation for the specified amount of time.
• You have satisfied all fines and restitution ordered as part of the sentence.

To get an expungement, you must seek and receive a certificate of Eligibility for Expungement from the Utah State Bureau of Criminal Identification. Some factors that may result in denial of this certificate are:

Time period required by law has not been met. See below. This time period does not begin until all confinement and probation has been completed and fines are paid.

• Three or more convictions (for a felony, or class A or class B misdemeanors), not stemming from a single arrest.
• More than one felony, not stemming from a single arrest.
• Forcible 2nd degree felonies
• A previous felony expungement.
• One or more pending arrest(s).
• Conviction of a sexual offense against a minor.
• Registerable sex offender status.
• Court records indicate that the case is still open.
• Disposition information is missing, and discretion of eligibility is not given.

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