Where does this water go?
A common assumption is the water that heads down the storm drains flows into a treatment plant. Not so! Unlike wastewater that is treated, storm water does not go through any treatment process. Storm drains transport storm water to the nearest stream, creek, lake or other waterway. Water carries whatever it can with it – trash, leaves, chemical residue. With hundreds of storm drains around town, storm water is a major polluter. Although each storm drain contributes only a small number of pollutants, when added together, pollution concentrations are pretty high.

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1. What is Storm Water?
2. Where does this water go?
3. What is the storm water utility fee?
4. What is an ERU?
5. What is impervious surface?
6. What are common contributors to Storm Water Pollution?
7. What is Draper City doing to address storm water pollution?