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Police - Public Forms

  1. Business Watch Registration
  2. Citizen Compliment Form

    This form is used to compliment the service of our employee(s) or police officer(s).

  3. Personal Reference Verification Questionnaire
  4. Police Records/Report Request
  5. Property Check / Extra Patrol Request

    This form can be used to request patrol checks of your property or neighborhood for any reason. Some reasons may include; vacations or... More…

  6. Video Request (Internal)
  1. Citizen Complaint Form

    This form is used to file a complaint on a Draper Police Department Employee.

  2. Draper Police - Lethality Assessment Screen
  3. Police Department Tour and/or Presentation Request

    If you would like to request a presentation or a tour of the Police Department, please fill out the form below and submit it.

  4. Probable Cause Statement
  5. Traffic Enforcement Request
  6. Voluntary Video Surveillance Registration

    Please fill out the following information to register your surveillance camera with the Draper City Police Department.