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Police Records/Report Request

  1. Reports cost $10.00 per report. CDs (of photos) cost $15.00 per CD Please call (801) 576-6300 with questions regarding prices.

  2. PLEASE NOTE: Reports will not be emailed to you. We are requesting your email address for an additional contact method only.

  3. Your request for records will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) 63-2-101 etc. Seq., Utah Code. Your request will be handled as soon as reasonably possible, but may take up to ten business days to be granted. The records that may be provided to you, subsequent to your request, may contain information that is classified as “Protected”, and will be edited in accordance with GRAMA and may only be disclosed under certain circumstances. 63-2-2-2 (U.C.A)

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