The elected officials and staff of Draper City run an open and transparent city and define our standard as follows:  

  1. Draper City follows the  state GRAMA laws requirements, and will continue to do so. Citizens, business owners and the news media can fill out our online GRAMA request form which is sent in to our City Recorder's office or for the police department the request will go into police records.  Texts, instant messages, and other electronic communications will still be considered public documents in our city.
  2. The City will continue to make government employee salaries and wages, and who those wages are going to, public, and feel that the people should know what they are paying those who work for them.
  3. The Mayor and Council’s schedule of public events shall be made public and posted on the city website.
  4. All city elected officials on Facebook commit to keep their privacy settings as “open” so that in this popular social media setting their conversations will be public.
  5. Because transparency is especially critical in campaign finances, we will change the “may” to a “shall” in our ordinances, so that those who fail to submit their campaign financial disclosures on time shall be removed from the ballot.
  6. Occasionally the taxpayer is stuck footing the bill for large GRAMA records requests. The Utah Legislature is working on developing reasonable charges as part of the state GRAMA program that protects both the taxpayer and the right of the free flow of information in a free society.