Parking in the Coyote Hollow Area

Several residents contacted the Draper City Council expressing their concerns about the number of cyclists parking on the streets near the Coyote Hollow Trailhead. A request was even made to close down the trailhead, however, the Draper City Council will not be closing this trailhead.  

At the September 5th  meeting, the Draper City Council approved Ordinance 1279, regarding parking restrictions near the Coyote Hollow Trailhead. They approved Option #4. A copy of the map is linked below. In the near future, the city will be installing "No Parking" signs along the residential streets in this area.

Click on the map below for a close-up view and you can see clearly what side of the street will be "no parking" and on the other side of the street parking will be allowed.

You can view the list of comments and option choices here.  Coyote Hollow Parking Votes / Comments  

Option 4

Option 4