Excavation Permits / Encroachment Permits


Winter fees apply to Encroachment permit cash securities (double). Winter rates are in effect from OCTOBER 15 THROUGH APRIL 15.

Applying for an Encroachment Permit

Municipal Code pertaining to Encroachment Permit, Applications, Fees, Bonds and Inspection

Chapter 11 Excavation Permits (PDF) 

Completed applications should be submitted VIA our online portal system through the CAP link below, along with all required documents, including the application under the permit type ENCROACHMENT. If you've not registered for the online system, you will need to do so prior to submitting a permit application. If for some reason the portal will not allow you to submit for an encroachment permit, please let engineering@draper.ut.us know asap.

CAP Website Link: Citizen Access Portal  

Cash security agreement forms must be signed and notarized. We will accept one check for the total amount of the permit (bond amount plus excavation fee) Make checks out to Draper City.

Incomplete applications will not be placed in our review queue. Once a completed Encroachment permit application is submitted, Please allow at least five (5) working days to review.

Security Deposits

Encroachment permit security deposits are held for one year from completion of work and released pending the approval of the inspector.

Additional Materials

Encroachment permit applications must be accompanied by:

  • A traffic control plan (MUTCD)
  • Diagram or map showing the location of work, and type of work to be performed
  • Work Area & Best Management Practices (BMP) Map
  • Current copy of State Contractor's Business License
  • Current certificate of Worker's Compensation & Liability Insurance