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Volunteer to Serve on a Board / Commission

The City of Draper places a high value on citizen participation. For this reason, a variety of boards and commissions have been created by ordinance to provide residents with a variety of channels to facilitate communication between the citizens and council members. For contact information about any committee listed below, please call (801) 576-6513.

Application Process

To apply to be a member of one of Draper City's boards, please fill out the online General Boards and Commissions Application.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Appeals and Variance Hearing Officer - The Appeals and Variance Hearing Officer was established to ensure just and fair treatment in the administration of the city's zoning ordinances. The Appeals & Variance Hearing Officer is responsible to hear and decide appeals from zoning decisions, special exceptions, variances, and nonconforming uses. Per Ordinance No. 815, the Draper City Council replaced the Board of Adjustment with the Appeals and Variance Hearing Officer.
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee - The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to recommend and monitor the establishment of emergency preparedness plans and to facilitate the provision of city services during natural disaster situations and other emergencies.
  • Arena Advisory Board - The Arena Board has the duty to:
    • Propose and recommend policies, standards and rules pertinent to the Ballard Arena programs
    • Assist the city in creating and implementing activities and programs for the Ballard Arena consistent with the needs of the business operators and residents of Draper
    • Seek and solicit resources for supporting the needs of the Ballard Arena.
    • Keep the general public informed of the activities and concerns of the Ballard Arena.
  • Historic Preservation Commission - The Historic Preservation Committee assists the city in identifying, preserving, protecting, and enhancing historic buildings, sites, monuments, streetscapes and landmarks within the city deemed architecturally or historically significant.
  • Parks, Trails and Recreation Committee - The Parks and Trails Committee recommends and monitors the establishment of facilities, programs and policies to meet the recreational and aesthetic needs of the citizens of Draper City.
  • Planning Commission - The Planning Commission is charged with the responsibility of administrating zoning, subdivision and development related ordinances. The Commission also makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council with regard to planning and community development decisions.
  • Tree Commission - This commission acts as an advisory board to the City Council and other city departments on all matters relating to tree culture including the establishment, maintenance and upkeep of all trees, shrubs and other plant life located on city property.
  • Mayor's Youth Council Advisory Board - The aim of this council is to increase the overall political participation by the younger members of our community. In addition, this council seeks to provide an opportunity for Draper City youth to acquire a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the American political system.