How do I make a police report?
There are several ways to make an initial police information report:

To report an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Online Reporting is available for non-emergency incidents; such as thefts, vandalism and suspicious activity. Online Reporting is not available for incidents where the suspect is known or there is evidence that needs to be collected. The Online Reporting form can be found at

To report non-emergencies to a police officer, call (801) 840-4000. You may indicate at the time of the call if you prefer to have an officer call you on the phone or come to your location. Please note; this is a non-emergency number.

You may come to the Draper City Police Department in person. Police officers respond to these calls in order of their priority status (from high to low priority). "911" calls are a high priority and receive an immediate response. Informational and other non-emergency calls may receive a lower priority status, which will generally result in a longer response time.Online Crime Report

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